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Mufossa75 ยท Ringdust World Premiere

As I am wont to do, I turned to my love of science fiction and spaceflight for inspiration for my first tone poem. "Ringdust" was composed for a space-themed concert in 2019 and it's a musical depiction of flying through the edge of Saturn's massive ring system. Long romantic themes accompanied by swaying strings depict the grandeur of the vista of the golden gas giant encircled by colorful ice and dust while crotales, harp, and accented attacks in the winds represent the dust pinging off your spacesuit as you slowly drift upward into the swirling maelstrom of the rings. A few moments of darkness and disorientation follow but they pass just as quickly as you float upward. The sun re-emerges from behind the planet and the amazing view of this distant word reappears in all its splendor as you continue to drift up and away.

"Ringdust" was given its world premiere on September 28th, 2019 on Opening Night of the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra under the direction of guest conductor Kellen Gray (who is now the Assistant Conductor of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra).



(Instrumentation: 2+Picc/2+EH/2/2-4/0/0/0-Timp+1+Harp+Strings)

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