About the Composer

A native of Upstate New York, Matthew Fossa has been a prolific composer for decades. Since attending college in the mid 1990s, he has been constatly composing and arranging music for himself and his many musical colleagues and friends. He has written works ranging from solo instrument pieces to compositions for full band and orchestra. Mr. Fossa has also scored various video and short film projects as well as a mobile phone game, "Darkdawn Encounters." His publishing label, Twin Reeds Productions, enjoys international distribution and his performing and composing skills can be heard together on his hybrid instrumental/electronica albums, "Forward Reflections," "TechnOboe," and his recent single, "Journey Up The Nile."

An oboist by trade, Mr. Fossa has been the Principal Oboist of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra since 2002. In 2007, he was appointed to the same position with the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra and, additionally, has been in the oboe section of the Mobile Symphony Orchestra since 2004. He has also performed as Guest Principal Oboist of the Richmond (VA) Symphony Orchestra, Principal Oboist of the Panama City Symphony Orchestra, Co-Principal Oboist of the Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra, and been a regular member of the oboe sections of the Albany (GA) Symphony and the Orchestra of Northern New York.

Mr. Fossa has also performed as a recitalist and had numerous solo appearances with the professional ensembles in the region.

Additionally, his playing can be heard on Pedro Camacho's "My Home is in the Stars" from the soundtrack to the computer game Star Citizen.

Mr. Fossa is on the faculties of the University of West Florida, Pensacola State College, and Northwest Florida State College. He also maintains a large private studio across three counties in the Florida Panhandle consisting of students of various ages and ability levels.

Mr. Fossa received his Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance and the Performer's Certificate from the Crane School of Music in May of 1998. He was awarded his Master's Degree in Oboe Performance at the Florida State University in December of 2000.

His major teachers were Gene-Marie Green, Glenn Guiles, and Eric Ohlsson.

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