"Invocation and Celebration"

Concert Band

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There are lots of great pieces out there for middle school band. There are original pieces and arrangements galore! That being said, I've always felt like there are a couple pieces yet to be written to give kids a taste of the sort of upper level music they can look forward to playing later in band or even in orchestra if they keep practicing.

"Invocation and Celebration," was the second of a set of pieces I wrote to try to accomplish just that. This particular work pays tribute to the very edgy music of Igor Stravinsky in his famous, "Rite of Spring" ballet. Every section of, "Invocation and Celebration," draws on inspiration from the 1913 masterwork, from the opening which begins with a solo instrument (flute, in this case) to the loud, percussion heavy moments of frenzied activity (complete with changing meters).

It might even help students to listen a little bit to, "Rite," before delving into, "Invocation," so they can get an idea of what to expect.


Invocation and Celebration

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