"The Heroic Flight"

A Symphonic Overture

Full Orchestra

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Mufossa75 ยท The Heroic Flight, Premiere Performance

It has to be stated for the record that I'm a major Science Fiction nerd and computer geek. I make no apologies about it nor excuses for it. I've been imagining myself participating in various pretend futures for decades and the fact that computer games involving space flight are slowly making a comeback stirs a part of my soul that I feared would never be revived. This piece is meant as something of a tribute to space flight games returning and to the idea of flight as a whole!

This work was originally written and used as theme music for the web show, "Wingman's Hangar," which was the original weekly news program for Cloud Imperium Games' "Star Citizen" project. Hosted by Eric Peterson (a.k.a. "Wingman"), one of the game's lead designers, it was created to keep the backers informed about progress, answer questions about features, introduce members of the production team, and, in general, help keep people entertained and looking forward to the game's delivery. The opening trumpet fanfare of my overture served as an iconic intro and outro for the show.

Getting back to the music, the best way for me to describe this work is, "heroic space music." It's written in Sonata form and could serve as an enjoyable concert opener or encore.

"The Heroic Flight" was given its world premiere at a special Mothers' Day Pops concert on Sunday, May 12th, 2013 by the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Peter Rubardt. It has since been performed again by the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra as well as by the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra under Devin Hughes.


The Heroic Flight

(Instrumentation: 2+Picc/2/2/2-4/3/3/1-Timp+3+Strings)

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