"The Heroic Flight"

A Symphonic Overture

Full Orchestra

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It has to be stated for the record that I'm a major Science Fiction nerd and computer geek. I make no apologies about it nor excuses for it. I've been imagining myself participating in various pretend futures for decades and the fact that computer games involving space flight are slowly making a comeback stirs a part of my soul that I feared would never be revived. After the genre seemed to die out in the mid 2000's, thanks to lowest-common-denominator research and marketing, it seemed for years that people like me, who longed for a new opportunity in which to guide an imaginary craft through the void between worlds, would just have to make do with fan-created projects with limited production values.

Enter, or rather Re-enter Chris Roberts: Longtime game designer, space flight enthusiast, and creator of two of the greatest such games in existence: Wing Commander and Freelancer. After finishing those projects and then spending a decade making movies in Hollywood, Roberts decided to return to his game making roots. Thanks to advances in modern computer technology, he feels he can now create the next generation space game that would re-validate the desktop PC as a worthy game platform and the space simulator genre as a worthy enterprise.

Through a massive crowd funding campaign, Roberts' dream, called "Star Citizen," has begun to take shape. Literally thousands of people all across the world have contributed millions of dollars to help fund the project. This allowed Roberts' new game company to establish offices in three major cities and hire a production team whose members have worked for Disney, Microsoft, Pixar, Electronic Arts, and other A-list film and software companies.

This is where my piece comes in. Thanks to enormous financial support from its fan community, a weekly web show was begun. Hosted by Eric Peterson (a.k.a. "Wingman"), one of the game's lead designers, it was created to keep the backers informed about progress, answer questions about features, introduce members of the production team, and, in general, help keep people entertained and looking forward to the game's delivery.

Realizing that this weekly show, called "Wingman's Hangar," needed theme music, I wrote to the company and asked if I could provide some. I was given a, "thumbs-up" and, in eight days, my inspiration enabled me to complete this five-minute overture.

It should be noted that a lot has changed since this work was first introduced. For one, Wingman left CIG and started his own game company but still continued to use my work as the theme music for his news program, even though it followed the development of the Descent: Underground project. Also, Star Citizen is still in development but now has a backer base of well over two million followers who continue to help alpha test the product as development patches are released.

Getting back to the music, the best way for me to describe this work is, "heroic space music." The themes are completely original, it's written in Sonata form, and could serve as an enjoyable concert opener or encore.

"The Heroic Flight" was given its world premiere at a special Mothers' Day Pops concert on Sunday, May 12th, 2013 by the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Peter Rubardt. It has since been performed again by the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra as well as by the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra.

Click here for the recording of the piece's world premiere!

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The Heroic Flight

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