Matt Fossa's First Album!

"Forward Reflections" is a hybrid album combining digital samples with live instrumental playing
by Principal Players from the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra
to create a fifty-five minute long set of Science Fiction inspired soundscapes!

CD Hard Copy: $12

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Pensacola, FL: Dollarhide's Music Center, Schmidt's Music, B.A. Coffee
Crestview, FL: GameMasters Guild, UpBeat Music

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Commercial created by Simon Pena!
Animated in-game footage from "Star Citizen" by Cloud Imperium Games

Clockwise from top left: Matt Fossa, Richard Jernigan, Jacquelyn Adams, Stephanie Riegle, Dale Riegle, Barbara Gabriel

Twin Reeds

1999-2015 Matthew A. Fossa

Background image by lyshastra at Deviant Art